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AI: Your Replacement Or Advantage

AI: Your Replacement Or Advantage?

Uncover valuable knowledge on how AI is reshaping human capital management


Adapting to the Future: Addressing the Middle East's Skills Gap

Have you ever experienced a moment of speechlessness during a conversation with a colleague?

Innovation Oasis: How AI is Revolutionizing the Middle East

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer, revolutionizing industries worldwide. In the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia,

The 10 jobs most at risk from ChatGPT, according to ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become a topic of dinner-party conversation around the world in the months since it launched

What were AI robots' answers to how to take over human jobs?

( MENAFN - Youm7) I asked some questions to artificial intelligence robots about how to take over human jobs

ChatGPT & two other leading AI bots how they would replace humanity

At least one artificial intelligence technology believes it can take over the world and enslave the human race.

Kuwait AI-generated virtual news presenter called 'Fedha'

A Kuwaiti news outlet has unveiled the country's first ever virtual news presenter generated using AI

Half of school and college students are already using ChatGPT to cheat'

Experts warn AI tech should strike fear in all academics. Half of college students are likely already

The nine shocking replies that highlight 'woke' ChatGPT's

Including struggling to define a woman, praising Democrats but not Republicans and saying nukes

The path to net zero requires a green skill focus in workforce training

As the UK moves towards its net zero goals, it faces a myriad of skill shortages across all industries & sectors

Improved experience helping address the digital skills gap

As the way the world works continues to change, improving human capital to keep employees happy

Five ways to promote a greener skills economy in 2023

Following’s latest Green Skills roundtable: 'How the Great Reshuffle Calls for a Greener Transition', CEO Rehan Haque

blog-post-image Joins The Global Reskill And Upskill Revolution, an AI-powered talent marketplace for the future of work with its SaaS platform aims.

Renewable energy revolution to create 100 million jobs by 2030

As humankind grapples with climate change, biodiversity loss and myriad other environmental issues,

Navigating the global technology skills gap with AI

Work trends have rapidly changed across the world, post-pandemic. How and where people choose to work now or in the future.

Are Low Code platforms helping solve the skills crisis?

Platforms which allow lay users to create apps, process data and even perform machine learning with minimal or no code are on the rise.

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