AI-based Support For Skills Management, Skill Reviews & Recruitment offer three levels of features: cloud, corporate and enterprise. For all of these, we support technical skills, human skills, and green skills.

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AI: Your Replacement Or Advantage

Talent Acquisition

Harness the power of AI to identify top talent efficiently, matching candidates with precision. Streamline workflows, reduce time-to-hire, and gain a competitive edge in recruitment. Our module provides predictive analytics for strategic talent acquisition, ensuring your team is built for success.

  • Smart matching through AI-driven assessments

  • Hire a Future-ready Workforce

  • Access a Wider Candidate Pool

Talent Management

From skills mapping to performance optimization, our holistic approach ensures every team member is empowered for sustained success. Foster continuous learning, align skills with organizational goals, and gain insights through predictive workforce analytics. Elevate your talent management strategies with a platform designed for comprehensive success.

  • Intelligent skills mapping for optimized workforce capabilities

  • Continuous learning paths for skill development

  • Predictive workforce analytics for strategic planning

AI: Your Replacement Or Advantage
AI: Your Replacement Or Advantage

Skills Based Training

Invest in the growth and adaptability of your workforce. Tailor learning journeys to individual needs and stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. Leverage adaptive learning paths and predictive analytics to navigate future skill trends effectively.

  • Adaptive learning paths for personalized skill development

  • Predictive analytics for future skill trends

  • Tailored learning journeys for individual and team growth

Cognitive Mentoring

Our platform provides personalized mentoring and coaching, leveraging AI-driven insights for career development, skill enhancement, and performance optimization. With confidential mental health assessments, we prioritize holistic support for your team's well-being.

  • Personalized mentoring and coaching for individuals

  • Career guidance based on AI-driven insights

  • Confidential mental health assessments for holistic support

AI: Your Replacement Or Advantage

Skills Management Domains



Industry-specific technical skills


  • Digital Transformation

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cyber Security

  • Project Management



Skills that apply across industries and technologies


  • Communication and collaboration

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Leadership

  • Digital Fluency



Skills for tackling environmental challenges and building a green mindset


  • Sustainable business strategies

  • Climate Change

  • Renewable energy sources & solutions

  • Ecosystem management


Three levels of service

Cloud Service

Off-the-shelf service for smaller organisations and one that need to start now with skills management

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  • Self-assessment of candidates and staff

  • Upskill packages for new graduates for hard, soft and green skills

  • Candidate mentoring with the transition to work

  • Use of the transformational skills framework

Corporate Service

Customised service for medium and large organisations with carefully defined internal processes and a suite of technologies

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  • Team profiling and annual assessments

  • Skills certification records for candidates and employees

  • Customised skill assessment

  • Custom portfolio of methods for skill improvements

  • Career boost – help staff reskill and cross-skill

  • Career switch – help experienced staff move to new areas

  • Apprenticeships – help individuals with an evolving set of skill needs

Enterprise Service

For multinational corporations with multiple divisions, bespoke working practices and an existing legacy of skills management

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  • Bespoke version of the skills framework

  • Support for divisional differences

  • Local hosting of services

  • Multiple touchpoints for technology integration

  • Talent cartography, future talent need, quitting forecast, succession planning

  • Customised technology for gap spotting