AI-based Support For Skills Management, Skill Reviews & Recruitment offer three levels of features: cloud, corporate and enterprise. For all of these, we support technical skills, human skills, and green skills.

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Core Tools of Skills Management

A portfolio of skills management services for managers and employees

Candidate Matching

AI technology for mapping between candidates and job description, while watching for their potential to be skilled-up

Skill Assessment

AI technology and a proprietary framework for assessing skills of an individual

Skill Mapping & Gap Spotting

Map a team’s broad spectrum of skills, compare it to expectations, and plan skill improvements

Skill Improvement Modules

Training and self-help covering different subjects – including group training, mentoring, e-learning and e-books


One-to-one mentoring for trainees and employees going through a career start or a major career change

Change Support

Technical, project management and business consultancy to get the most from

Skills Management Domains



Industry-specific technical skills


  • Digital Transformation

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cyber Security

  • Project Management



Skills that apply across industries and technologies


  • Communication and collaboration

  • Problem-solving

  • Critical thinking

  • Leadership

  • Digital Fluency



Skills for tackling environmental challenges and building a green mindset


  • Sustainable business strategies

  • Climate Change

  • Renewable energy sources & solutions

  • Ecosystem management


Three levels of service

Cloud Service

Off-the-shelf service for smaller organisations and one that need to start now with skills management

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  • Self-assessment of candidates and staff

  • Upskill packages for new graduates for hard, soft and green skills

  • Candidate mentoring with the transition to work

  • Use of the transformational skills framework

Corporate Service

Customised service for medium and large organisations with carefully defined internal processes and a suite of technologies

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  • Team profiling and annual assessments

  • Skills certification records for candidates and employees

  • Customised skill assessment

  • Custom portfolio of methods for skill improvements

  • Career boost – help staff reskill and cross-skill

  • Career switch – help experienced staff move to new areas

  • Apprenticeships – help individuals with an evolving set of skill needs

Enterprise Service

For multinational corporations with multiple divisions, bespoke working practices and an existing legacy of skills management

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  • Bespoke version of the skills framework

  • Support for divisional differences

  • Local hosting of services

  • Multiple touchpoints for technology integration

  • Talent cartography, future talent need, quitting forecast, succession planning

  • Customised technology for gap spotting