Driving Saudization Success with Metatalent.ai

At Metatalent.ai, we are proud to be at the forefront of driving Saudization, supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's vision for a prosperous and diverse workforce. With our expertise in workforce transformation and talent intelligence solution, we are committed to revolutionizing the Talent landscape and supporting organizations in unlocking the full potential of their local workforce.

We're your Vision 2030 partner, empowering you to surpass transformational compliance and build a thriving, future-proof local talent pool.

Empowering Saudi Talent

In the dynamic landscape of Saudi Arabia's evolution under the ambit of Vision 2030, Metatalent.ai provides educators and organizations with HR tech solutions for talent management, enabling talent fit and nurturing business growth through a well-prepared workforce.

  • Real-time labour market analytics and trends

  • Personalised learning paths to address the skills gap for each student

  • Emerging skills training for new and in-demand skills with SkillGPT, our generative AI model

  • Direct collaboration and exclusive mentoring with industry leaders

Here's why we're your Vision 2030 ally:

Reach Saudization Targets: Leverage our extensive network, conduct targeted talent searches, and employ cutting-edge assessment methodologies to identify the best Saudi candidates for your organisation.

Unleash Expert Saudi Talent: By unlocking the potential of KSA's highly skilled talent pool, we empower companies to build diverse, high-performing teams of professionals that fuel innovation and drive success in the region.

Targeted skill development: Our AI powered Talent Intelligence tool identifies skill gaps and craft bespoke learning journeys aligned with individual strengths and Vision 2030 goals.

What’s in it for You?


We offer employers in KSA a pool of highly skilled and adaptable professionals


We provide educators in KSA with valuable insights into industry demands and trends


We offer the government of KSA a platform to bridge the skills gap by connecting job seekers

Future-Proofing Your Saudi Workforce for Vision 2030:

Digital transformation ready: We equip your talent with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age. From AI and automation to data science and cybersecurity, we prepare your workforce for the future.

Continuous learning culture: Foster a culture of lifelong learning with our engaging and interactive platform. Empower your Saudi employees to take ownership of their development and embrace continuous improvement.

Building tomorrow's leaders: Identify and nurture high-potential individuals for leadership roles. Our talent development programs equip them with the skills and confidence to lead the Kingdom into the future.

Empowering Saudization Success, Fueling Economic Growth

We're not just another platform. We're a game-changer. At Metatalent.ai, we prioritize developing local talent, offering job opportunities to Saudi nationals, and contributing to the national agenda.

We nurture and empower local talent through training and resources, collaborating with educational institutions to bridge the skills gap and enhance employability among Saudi youth. By prioritizing Saudization, we drive sustainable change in Saudi Arabia’s workforce transformational landscape.


Access High Potential Saudi Talent

Our expertise in navigating Saudization policies and our extensive network of talented Saudi professionals make us the ideal partner to help you meet your hiring objectives

Access to Local Skilled Talent:

With an extensive network and database of qualified Saudi professionals across industries, our rigorous screening, assessment, and training processes connect you with the most suitable local candidates for your job requirements

Tailored Workforce Solutions

Working closely with your organization, we understand your unique workforce needs and provide tailored end-to-end recruitment solutions. From sourcing and screening to onboarding, our streamlined process ensures efficiency in hiring.

Talent Development and Retention

We offer customized training programs to enhance your local workforce’s skills and competencies. Our retention strategies prioritize employee engagement, career development, and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for HR Transformation

The following steps ensure that you recieve more than what you expect

Workforce Transformation Assessment
Talent Acquisition & Management
Skills Based Training​
Gamified Behavioral Assessment
Cognitive Coaching & Mentoring

We offer Continuous Support and Development

For an end to end transformative experience you enjoy the following:

Access to best-suited Saudi professionals
Saving time and effort in recruitment
Fostering growth within your local workforce​
Tailored workforce solutions
Improved employee retention
Enhanced employee skills and competencies

Ready to take the first step? Contact our team today for a free consultation and discover how Metatalent.ai can assist your transformational journey, empower local talent and fuel your Vision 2030 success.