and Sustainability

There is an urgent global need for a sustainable transformation, however, there is a significant gap in the workforce readiness to adopt and implement green skills. This skills gap is a blocker to the effective transition to a green economy, getting in the way of businesses from achieving their sustainability goals. leverages skills and behaviour based solution addressing the climate crisis and promoting health, equality, and financial wellbeing through AI powered sustainable talent intelligence platform.

Addressing Key Challenges:
  • Skills mismatch creating hindrances in net zero transition

  • Misaligned organisational culture and behaviours

  • Workforce without essential green skills as part of BAU activities;

  • Disconnection b/w sustainability and existing business processes

  • GenZ unprepared and unaware in finding careers in the green economy

  • Communities entrenched in environmentally harmful jobs transition to green jobs

Our Net-Zero Solution for Sustainable Business Transformation:

Green Talent Profiling & Management Cultivation of eco-conscious mindsets to foster environmentally responsible skills, green jobs and practices.

Transformational Skills Suite Intelligent mapping of vertical, lateral and cross functional sustainable roles that fit an individual's skills, interests and career objectives.

Automated Learning Process & ROI Artificial Intelligence measures, & quantifies learning effectiveness, ROI & behaviour analytics for environmentally responsible practices

Measurable Green Transformation Outcomes equips puts workforce at the centre for a sustainable, inclusive and equitable future, ultimately contributing to organizational success.


Key use-cases: Green Skills Development, Desired job roles, career development, training and learning & development etc.


Key use-cases: Educational Credentials (degrees & micro- credentials), Apprenticeships, skills based training etc.


Key use-cases: Green Skills enablement programmes, Youth employability, Talent Preparation, Training & Development etc.


Key use-cases: External hiring, internal mobility, professional Green skill attainment, and increased retention rates