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Unlocking the Potential of Purpose-Driven Startups and the Future of Sales. Welcome to the CXO Insights from Tallinn Event This event brought together thought leaders, founders, investors, and industry experts to explore the Estonian secret of HR transformation and the evolving landscape of purpose-driven startups and sales.

Event Highlights

Purpose-Driven Startups in Estonia

Estonia is witnessing a wave of purpose-driven startups addressing global challenges like climate change, immigration, and sustainability. Learn how these startups are leveraging technology to create a positive impact and save the planet.

Key Takeaways:

Insights from Former Estonian President, Kersti Kaljulaid
Exploring the role of startups in Estonia's GDP
Sustainable solutions for global issues

The Future of Sales

Is tech taking over sales entirely? Our experts share their insights on the evolving landscape of sales, the importance of human touch, and the role of technology in modern sales strategies.

Key Discussions:

Product-led growth and its impact on sales
The necessity of the human element in high-level decision-making
Finding salespeople who align with your company's mission

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