A narrative on Future Workforce for the Future of Work

Work mode and trends are rapidly changing across the world. Labor markets have undergone drastic shifts in Talent needs and demands with rapid adoption of automation and emerging technologies. Global Skills Gap is more real and damaging, and the actual risk is not just long-term unemployment; rather it is #unemployability, when an employee or candidate is no longer relevant to any of the job market demands.


The Global Talent crisis is now becoming existential and the survival comes with a price.

Let me start by addressing the Humans of Today. The questions that I am about to ask are primarily to set the direction for this stream of narrative and do mean to stir a promising discourse on the imprecise demands of the Future of Work. So let me ask the Humans of Today:

What’s your adaptability quotient (AQ)? Are you unemployed or unemployable? When was the last time you got yourself skilled, reskilled or upskilled? When was the last time you learned a skill to earn? How skilled are you in immersive & cognitive technologies? Is your creativity & imagination semantically supportive of the environment you currently exist in? How so? What problems are you solving that may have some impact? 

As the Father of Evolution said that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. Not reactive or aversive but responsive & receptive to Change i.e. the New Normal fueled by the exponential advancement in Technology reshaping every aspect of our existence, behavior, sustenance, growth, and sustainability. It is true that Change is Constant and Unabated, and that

The Future of Work is Now.

We all agree that the Pandemic was much more than just a global crisis. It brought the drastic shift in human behavior making us more open and inclined towards the usage of #IOT devices, #virtual presences, #automation, and technologically #immersive experiences disrupting established industries democratizing finance, education, training for jobs and even human capital/talent sourcing. The pandemic also accelerated existing trends in remote work, e-commerce, and digital transformation, with up to 25 percent more workers needing to switch occupations, and reskill or upskill to stay part of the current and the Future Workforce. These seismic shifts have certainly altered the recruitment parameters, skillset, and Talent development goals. Workforce #reskilling and #upskilling is no longer an optional focus; it has become an essential part of businesses across the world.

The future is not far when it would be a compulsion for organizations to integrate AR/VR into their business strategy. A PwC study found that workers trained with #VR were up to 275% more confident to apply skills learned after training (a 40% improvement over in-person classroom learning). VR learners were also four times faster to train than in the classroom and four times more focused than their e-learning peers. The competitive dynamics will change for every organization, company, or startup depending on their pace of adoption of the next-gen technologies like Applied AI, Distributed Infrastructure, Trust Architecture, Neuromorphic Computing, with new emerging businesses covering Cleantech, #Edtech, AI-powered Marketplaces, Fintech, Climatetech, and Mediated Matter research etc. 

The essential approach for organizations to deal with this situation would be to consider options or solutions that could cover proper reskilling, and upskilling programmes, leveraging data showing job demands and skills supply, as the world now needs to hire for Skills than for the Titles or Roles. We cannot remain oblivious to the evolving workplace challenges, and skilled workforce scarcity. Whatever the challenge may be, AI and Automation will be a predominant solution for the foreseeable future.

Hence, Metatalent.ai. We are an AI-powered Talent Marketplace enabling the Future Workforce for the Future of Work. We aim to transform individuals, organizations, educators, and emerging startups across the world. With Metatalent.ai, individuals can become part of the future-ready, self-sustaining upskilled workforce, ready to join evolving businesses of the future, leveraging disruptive technologies and emerging trends in Digital Media, Machine Learning, AI, Hybrid Clouds, IOT & IIOT, Open-source, Edge Computing and many more cognitive technologies.

The sheer scale of our vision calls for extra help to moderate and optimize the Talent Marketplace efficiently or cost effectively, and this is where AI is uniquely positioned to help. From here learners can go anywhere: onto a professional job, take on a higher apprenticeship, or launch their career and get straight into the professional domains taking future businesses to the next level.

Join the calling. The Future of Work awaits the right Humans.

About the Author:

Rehan Haque is the Founder & CEO of Metatalent.ai. He is also a thought leader and a subject matter expert with over 15 years of global strategic and operational leadership experience in cyber security and risk governance. 

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